Nicole J. Wroblewski

Hullo! I’m Nicole J. Wroblewski, a freelance illustrator based in Ferndale, Michigan with a penchant for girls with ponytails. Portraiture, silhouettes, and figure-based illustration form the bulk of my portfolio. While the medium may vary (I mostly work digitally these days, but I also enjoy traditional oil painting and dabble a bit in embroidery from time to time), the female experience, specifically girldom in all of its beauty, grossness, and weirdness, is the heart of my work.

I love pattern, prints, and paper goods (I’m currently at work on a line of stationery), and working with my clients on portraits to really breathe life and personal nuance into custom pieces, from large giclee prints to special occasion stationery, it’s what I’m best at. Whether it’s a handwritten letter on personal stationery or beautiful end papers in a favorite book, it’s the details that make objects precious.

I’m a big reader and a huge children’s literature enthusiast (and former bookseller), so that’s mostly what you’ll find here: art and book chatter, works in progress, shop updates, and whatever is inspiring me at the moment. And the occasional cat photo. I can’t help myself sometimes.

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