Capsule Wardrobe


Last month I did a major closet cleaning. Since we bought our house in October 2012, I’ve been thinking about how we need a wardrobe in the bedroom and closet updates, and etc. Only recently did it occur to me that rather than needing more space, I just needed to own less stuff. And so the purging began, as this rainbow of barren hangers can attest. All my favorite shirts with holes in them had to go, all of my old, ill-fitting bras had to go, all of the in-perfect-condition-but-never-gonna-wear-it-again clothes from before I started freelancing full-time had to go, and anything that I just didn’t feel comfortable in one way or another had to go, no matter how much I paid for it or how little I had worn it. It’s a waste of space, other people can use it more, and having less choices means I actually wear more of what I have.

Before, I’d look in my closet and be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things crammed in there. Now, when I look in I only see clothes that I like, that fit well, that are in good condition, and that are seasonally appropriate. It makes it so much easier to get dressed, which makes me way less likely to wear the same Columbia hoodie 4x a week.

I don’t remember where I first heard the term “capsule wardrobe”, but it kept coming to mind as I was cleaning out. I did some Googling and after reading blog posts like this and this, I was convinced it was worth experimenting with (though I haven’t wheedled my wardrobe as far down as 33 items, at least not yet). I used to subscribe to Lucky Magazine, and one of the things I always liked best about it was the wardrobe mixing and matching articles they sometimes ran, or any time there was a how-to guide on packing for a vacation. There’s an aspirational element to it (living more fashionably but simply) as well as a bit of a puzzle (how many combinations can you make and actually wear in public?), which seems fun. And while I, like most human beings, like looking well put together, I’m not one for bold fashion statements. My patterned-tights wearing, lunch box carrying high school days are well behind me and now I’m looking for easy, with a dash of she-has-her-life-sorted and – very importantly right now – warm. And mostly just want to wear nautical stripes, to be honest.

Anyway, this is all to say that I cleaned my closet, adapted the capsule wardrobe way of shopping/dressing, and began creating my own Cher Horowitz inspired virtual dressing room in Photoshop. That’s my point, internet: Clueless. I’d ask if anyone remembers Cher’s Wardrobe computer program, but that’s just a dumb question because we all remember everything about Clueless because it is perfect.

So this is the slowly progressing, un-animated version of that which contains no designer labels whatsoever.


Here’s what that looks like in Photoshop:


It’s essentially a paper doll drawing of myself, and there are various folders in the layers menu to the right, which I can open to find different items, and turn layers on and off depending on what items I want to “wear”. Aside from being kinda fun and kinda ridiculous, it’s actually kinda useful too, being able to create “looks” without having to try anything on. I’ve drawn quite a few pieces so far, but am not nearly finished. I figured this blog could use an update though, and I might as well share my progress on this little for-fun side project as I make it. So here are a few combinations so far…


I did not own white ankle jeans prior to these drawings, but you can bet I do now. Also, I have a blazer now. A magnificent blazer that I will draw next…


Project: Project

I’ve been lucky this past year. Kristen Scalia of Kanibal Home (shop owner, writer, general style guru and go-to, get-er-done champion of all things Jersey City — my stomping grounds some years back) has been pulling me onto projects left and right, from stationery, to t-shirts and tote bags, to branding, and I’m so grateful for all the new opportunities she keeps bringing my way.  It’s a blessing for an artist when they find a client or art director and things just click and there’s trust, especially when that person thinks as big as Kristen does. So a lot of things are happening and one of the biggest of those things currently on my agenda is the work we’re doing together to promote Kristen’s latest endeavor, The Jersey City Project, which kicks off its first event on December 8th in downtown Jersey City with Project: MARKET, a heated outdoor shopping experience with food, drinks, live music, art, workshops, and every other cool thing you can think. I’ve been handling the design and promotional materials and it’s all, very quickly, coming together. If you’re in the Manhattan and J.C. areas, it’s definitely going to be worth checking out, and if you’re a NYC or Jersey artisan, I think there’s still time to jump aboard and get involved.

So, It’s all happening. Now if Kristen would just come to my neighborhood and organize a badass, upscale street fair life would really be good.


Candy Girl

I’m one of those people who romanticizes autumn, counting down the days until Pumpkin Spice lattes appear on Starbucks counters and all manner of squash pile up outside the produce market. I spend most of summer eyeing my cardigans and scarfs, longing for a bit of cool crispness in the air. I love fall.  And I love Halloween. So I’ve been trying to squeak out some seasonally appropriate cards in between freelance projects this past couple weeks. I’m hoping to have a least a couple more available in the shop over the next week, but for now there are a couple you can check out, including this one, just listed this afternoon:


Halloween Candy Girl greeting cards are available for purchase at She Can Lift a Horse on Etsy. Click here to go directly to that design or here to view the stationery section for that and other cards.

Here’s the original sketch:


The final art didn’t change much from the draft, except to get more cheerful. The final color combo – blue, orange, black, and white – makes me think of my wedding (almost two years ago!). That was our color scheme. There weren’t any bats on our invitations, but there were ghosts and pumpkins and a sheet white girl in a black dress.

Anyway. Fall! It’s the best!

I Like You… but I Love Coffee

Hey-o. Two new Gilmore Girls postcards are now available in the shop. You can also find  “And I Love Coffee” on Society6 where it is available as prints and phone cases, amongst other things.




For those not completely obsessed… I don’t know why you would care to know more about the origin of these quotes, BUT JUST IN CASE, here are a couple YouTube videos for your perusal:

-Rory loses her shit in a Yale therapist’s office when she realizes that avoiding ex-boyfriend Logan might mean avoiding the coffee cart, which might mean… dun dun dun… giving up coffee (video)

-Lane declares, very straightforwardly, her endearment toward clueless bandmate and roommate Zack (video)

The Boyfriend App: Free Wallpaper Pattern

The Boyfriend App: A Free Pattern by She Can Lift a Horse

In preparation for the release of her debut YA title, The Boyfriend App (out from HarperCollins at the end of this month), I’ve been helping author Katie Sise spruce up her social media outlets with some Boyfriend App inspired art. One such project included designing a pattern that could be used on her Twitter page, and doubles as a free download; a techy tie-in for readers to decorate their own social media, phones, desktops, and tablets with.

The pattern is composed of illustrations that represent key characters: hunter green Converse for shy, sweet Aidan, the Brad Pitt of computer nerds; designer flats for fashion blogger Lindsay; main protagonist Audrey’s lucky rabbit’s foot; the white glove of Nigit Gurung, coke-bottle-glasses-wearing dork turned Michael Jackson fashion plate. Fun to read, fun to draw.

The Boyfriend App: A Free Pattern by She Can Lift a Horse

Grab a wallpaper for yourself. The tile is available in three sizes; small, medium, and large. To use it on your desktop: right click, select “use image as desktop picture”. (if the image doesn’t tile by default, select “tile” from system preferences). Phone and tablet sizes are also listed. Enjoy! :)


Tiles: small | medium | large
iPad / iPad Mini
iPad Retina
iPhone 5 | iPhone 4 | iPhone



Several people have asked me if I’m going to have more Gilmore Girls prints available in my shop and the answer is yes, yes, yes / eventually. I have an endless amount left to do, but I am starting to feel pretty pleased with my geeky efforts thus far. Here’s a bit of a teaser.