Postcard Progress

A couple snippets of new Gilmore Girls postcards that are in the works. Feel free to guess the quotes :)


As always, you can find sketches of projects that are in-progress on my sketchbook Tumblr here.



I was invited to joined Dribbble recently. In case you’re not up on your designers-referencing-basketball-terminology, Dribbble is a community for visual artists to uploads snap shots of their work (or “WIP”s, works in progress). The bulk of its members are designers, so as an illustrator posting, I feel a bit like I’ve interrupted a meeting by walking in too loudly, dressed inappropriately. Spilling coffee down the front of my shirt while balancing a cartoonishly tall stack of books, if we want to continue the mental image. Still, it’s nice to be part of the “team” and see new work being developed without the number of updates being too staggering. The “players” are friendly in a way that makes me feel like I’ve wandered into a strange new place where people are kind and constructive. Guess I’ve just grown accustomed to a dumber, meaner internet.

Anyway! I thought, in the spirit of Dribbbling “shots”, I would blog some sneak peeks at work I’m… well… working… on. There’s a portrait, stationery and tea towel designs, and a snippet of an illustration for the next Pinkie Swear story, which you’ll be able to see in it’s entirety Monday morning.

You Had Me at Tennessee Walking Horses…

It’s week two in Pinkie Swear land and our second story is triumphant and hilarious and ready for you to read! Here’s the final work, as well as a couple sketches (I wanted to make a slightly over-the-top participation trophy a kid could really get jazzed about), but you should click on over to read the whole thang and find out what this lil’ ladies tears of joy are all about.

Emilio, Age 4

As I type this, Hedwig is getting increasingly riled up watching the cursor move across the screen. Baby’s first web surf. As she weighs approximately 0.5 lb it doesn’t require much of me to restrain her from keyboard diving, though. I could crazy cat lady talk your face off about her (and I may), but lest I elicit further jealousy from Emilio, here is a sketch of him in all his belly-exposing glory — and on his (predicted) birthday! …Since he will see it and everything. Him being a cat.