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Today seems like a good day to treat yourself, doesn’t it? *Winning smile*. Several of my 8×10 prints, including 90’s Revival Girl, are on sale right now at

Discounts already taken, no coupon code required.





Several people have asked me if I’m going to have more Gilmore Girls prints available in my shop and the answer is yes, yes, yes / eventually. I have an endless amount left to do, but I am starting to feel pretty pleased with my geeky efforts thus far. Here’s a bit of a teaser.

Over the last two days, I’ve added several new items to my Etsy shop, including Kitten Aid recipe cards, which I’m most excited about. They’re printed on sturdy matte paper with a different design on each side with room for more than just ingredients and directions. You can check them out here.

I’m also really excited to be offering Chicken Pox as a print for the first time. It started out as a painting in my home and has been redrawn and printed at 11×14 on lovely satin luster paper. I always thought print was the ideal media for it, so I’m glad to have finally gotten to it (however many years later).

Also new are By Daylight / By Moonlight and what I consider to be a really fun ode to fandom in general and Taylor Swift in specific: Swifties. I’m lettin’ my Red flag fly over here and I’m not (entirely) ashamed to admit it.

I’ll post some in-progress shots soon, but in the meantime you can check out the final art in the shop.


“I Love You, You Idiot” and Other Sweet Nothings

Fellow Gilmore Girls nerds (I know you are many), my illustrated Luke, Lorelai, and Rory postcards are now available in the print shop, with plenty of time for filling the backsides with drippy sweet nothings and mailing them to the loves/coffee-suppliers of your lives.

Non-fans, you can either skip to the bottom of this post or jump on board and educate yourself by watching the Rory-Dean make-up scene on YouTube. The choice is yours.

Gilmore Girls postcards by She Can Lift a Horse

The front side of both designs has spot gloss, which means the figures and text are shiny, and stand out from the solid background. Which makes it look FAN-cy.

"You're the Luke to My Lorelai" postcard by She Can Lift a Horse

Gilmore Girls postcards by She Can Lift a Horse

And in other Amy Sherman-Palladino-related news: I loved the winter premiere of Bunheads. I laughed, I got a bit misty-eyed, I puzzled at the strangely obvious plot holes that the writing team fails to notice in every single episode (who didn’t notice that TJ was packing up his magic act five seconds after announcing they had another show in an hour?)… This piece by Willa Paskin knows how I feel about this completely entertaining but perpetually flawed show better than I do.


AND OH YEAH, free shipping is available in my Society6 shop through midnight Sunday (01/13/13), by using this link. I’m actually digging the new throw pillow printing option, though I thought it would be lame initially. I guess home ownership does that to a gal. Gets her excited about throw pillows…

illustrated pillow covers by She Can Lift a Horse available at

90’s Revival Girl and It Girls throw pillow designs


Long time no talk, internet! I’ve been busy moving into our FIRST HOME (lots more on that later) and working on lots of custom portraits for Christmas, but I wanted to make sure I took a minute to let you know about the Cyber Monday sale happening in my Etsy shop today. It’s just in time for the 5 new prints I added to the shop yesterday!

Save 20% on everything in the shop by entering code “MONDAYMONDAY” at checkout

Hope you’re enjoying the holidays! More to share soon!

Kitten Aid

I have this ridiculous new illustration called The Kitten Aid and it’s for all my kindred crazy cat ladies with carefully selected classic stand mixers. While that is a very specific demographic, I don’t think it’s a small one. I myself have an apple green mixer and tuxedo and mixed grey/ginger tabby.

Now, ideally I would get theses illustrations printed, packaged, and mailed on my own. I like knowing what I’m sending you and scrawling your name on the envelope. But stocking yourself is expensive! Especially in this case; I wanted to be able to offer a variety or styles on this one. Solution? I started a Society6 storefront where you can order prints, cards, adorable iPhone cases (!) and more. The products are produced by Society6, but the quality of the prints is still top notch archival, as in my Etsy shop, and you can choose from a variety of sizes. And if you order now through September 16 using this link, shipping is free. Woweee, right?

Kitten Aid (Emilio) by She Can Lift a Horse

Kitten Aid by She Can Lift a Horse