In Time for Fall..

Whoop whoop. Sleepy Hollow prints are available in my Etsy shop now, just in time for fall. If you’re like me, you like it to feel like autumn year round, so headless horsemen and pumpkins are always in season.

I debated whether to print this on satin luster or fine art paper, and in the end tried both. The shop prints are on satin luster, and it’s amazing to me what a difference it makes. The subtle gradients of the sky, hills and trees in the background just look so beautiful on this paper, whereas the watercolor paper texture of the fine art paper dulled the purples a lot by comparison. Honestly, the colors are luminous on this print. And, as Wild Hearts, 1923 is also printed on satin luster at the same size, they make nice companion prints.

Sleepy Hollow prints are available directly through me via my Etsy shop here, and prints and other goodies are always available through Society6.



Oliver Jeffers: Good at Everything

I’ve been thinking I should make more little blog posts. Y’know. Just thoughts, when I’m actually thinking them, as opposed to planning to blog about something, then hardly ever doing it because it becomes a task. Well here’s one of those quick little thoughts. And it’s one that I have often: Oliver Jeffers is too good.

He’s so inventive and artistically gifted, and he seems so energized and just all-around likeable that I’m inspired, but almost crushingly so. Like, his work makes me want to make work. Except that I would also be happy to just look at his work instead. But looking at his work also makes me feel a bit inept. Everything he makes excites me.

This video is just another example of him being more charming and imaginative than the rest of us. This time, in video format.

For more crushingly inspiring work see also: Jon Klassen, 2013 Caldecott medal winner and honoree (can I get a “zeetus lepeetus”?)

joyeux anniversaire!

Since moving to Chicago, I haven’t missed New York City much. I mean, I miss the people. I miss you guys, guys. It goes without saying that it’s an amazing, one-of-a-kind city, but I haven’t at any point yet ached to be back there. Feelings of nostalgia creep over me sometimes, when I’m watching a movie and a character’s walking down a street I used to walk down, but that’s about as painful as it ever gets. Until now. Because one of my favorite New York City art galleries, Jonathan Levine, is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary this year and I. WANT. TO. GO.

My one consolation is that Ray Caesar‘s work is, in my opinion, better viewed on a screen than as a print, anyway.

From Such Foulness of Root Does Sweetness Grow, Ray Caesar

Site! Splash!

So the site has been updated. I guess it qualifies as a new layout, but mostly it’s just a simplification. I don’t have internet access from my apartment currently and so it’s nice to be able to make updates from other sites, and from any computer. ANYWAY! I hope to be selling some paper dolls and books on etsy soon, both handmade and remade, which I’m excited about. But I should probably finish them first. Probably.

Keeping Myself on My Toes

I’ve kept a journal, be it a lock and key deal with teddy bear pattern on the cover or the more sophisticated Claire Marie or Moleskine, for most of my life. Me and Livejournal were thick as thieves for a good stretch, and then nothing. Aside from a small red number I keep in my bag for emergencies (being museum notes and therapy during moments when I really want to burn someone at the stake but must instead resort to writing Mean Things about them quietly aboard the PATH train), I don’t really write anywhere anymore. Lists don’t count.

So I thought I’d maybe do that again. This is an attempt at that, and hopefully a more successful “updates” page than the one currently on my website.