The Tenth of May: Michelle + Kevin’s Vintage Movie Poster Inspired Wedding Invitation

Wedding season is nigh, so I’ve had a few wedding, save-the-date, and bridal shower designs on my plate in the last fews months. My sister Michelle and her fiancé Kevin are only about two months away from their Brooklyn nuptials and as all invites have been signed, sealed and delivered by yours truly already, I figure I can safely share them here now.

Kevin is a film-maker (his most recent short film, Every Word Handwritten made in collaboration with the Gaslight Anthem, recently premiered in NYC and on and Michelle and he share a love of all things old-timey, so we went with a vintage movie poster inspired design, with a reference to the food trucks that will be serving dinner at their reception (which does include a waffle truck. Mmmmm.)

I made a Pinterest board for movie poster inspiration. Casablanca was the strongest influence on the final layout and the image of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine on a poster for The Apartment very clearly served as a point of reference for a small portrait of Michelle and Kevin at the center of the invitation and on the RSVP card. The NYC photograph with the Chrysler Building at the center was used with kind permission from Tom Fletcher. The couples portraits of Michelle and Kevin were all culled straight from Facebook and my own iPhoto gallery. Initially, I was just looking for photo references to draw from, but when I realized just how many shots they’ve taken with their heads pressed together since the beginning of their courtship four years ago, I thought it might be sweet to make a collage.

The Tenth of May: Wedding Invitations for Kevin + Michelle by She Can Lift a Horse

Below are sketches I sent them. Option D will see some action when it’s reformatted as a menu for their reception.

The Tenth of May: sketches for Michelle + Kevin's wedding invitations by She Can Lift a Horse

The silhouette, hearts, and text on the back and front of the invitation were printed with spot gloss over a matte finish to give them a bit of sheen, which isn’t super common for wedding invitations, but fits nicely with the movie poster theme.

The Tenth of May: Kevin + Michelle's wedding invitations by She Can Lift a Horse

In just ten days the wedding festivities kick off here in Michigan, with a bachelorette party and shower for Michelle and I will get to give my sister a hug for the first time since I last saw her at my own wedding, almost a year and a half ago. Eeeeee!


Down Below on Threadless

Round two. I have another design up on this week and, once again, I need your votes, comments, and general e-love to get this frowny face printed! You can view my submission here, or just by clicking the image.

Down Below by She Can Lift a Horse

Vote on Threadless

You guys! The Sleepy Hollow illustration I shared with you last week is up as a t-shirt design on and I need your sweet lovin’ to help get it printed so you can look well-read and smart as pants wearing it.

Please vote for it here, or by clicking the image. Tweets, re-tweets, likes, pins, tumbles, stumbles, and any other form of endorsement you subscribe by would also mean so much to me! ♥ ♥

This is a Love: Illustration & Type

February really is shaping up to be the month of lurrrrrve. Prepare to feast your eye holes on even more pinks and hearts!

I may have mentioned it a few (or dozen or so) times, but Lizz Kuehl of This is a Love Photography shot our wedding (more on that soon!) and she did a damned good job of it, even if I do say so myself. Which I do. Often. Just for a change of pace, though, I’m going to go ahead and not talk about my wedding. Instead, I’m going to tell you that her wedding/engagement/baby/general merriment photography website,, just relaunched! And I had the pleasure of designing some really cute, fun illustration and type for the TIAL site and business cards. You can check out all of the details on the site, of course, but here’s the gist of things…

(Photo by Lizz Kuehl/TIAL)

You can see a few of my sketched ideas for this project on my tumblr sketchbook. Specifically here and here.