Project: Project

I’ve been lucky this past year. Kristen Scalia of Kanibal Home (shop owner, writer, general style guru and go-to, get-er-done champion of all things Jersey City — my stomping grounds some years back) has been pulling me onto projects left and right, from stationery, to t-shirts and tote bags, to branding, and I’m so grateful for all the new opportunities she keeps bringing my way.  It’s a blessing for an artist when they find a client or art director and things just click and there’s trust, especially when that person thinks as big as Kristen does. So a lot of things are happening and one of the biggest of those things currently on my agenda is the work we’re doing together to promote Kristen’s latest endeavor, The Jersey City Project, which kicks off its first event on December 8th in downtown Jersey City with Project: MARKET, a heated outdoor shopping experience with food, drinks, live music, art, workshops, and every other cool thing you can think. I’ve been handling the design and promotional materials and it’s all, very quickly, coming together. If you’re in the Manhattan and J.C. areas, it’s definitely going to be worth checking out, and if you’re a NYC or Jersey artisan, I think there’s still time to jump aboard and get involved.

So, It’s all happening. Now if Kristen would just come to my neighborhood and organize a badass, upscale street fair life would really be good.



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